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    My wife & I each have a Pre.

    While connected to our Airave, I entered ##DEBUG# mode on both phones, side-by-side and noted a few other things:

    Note: WiFi is enabled and in use on both phones.

    "Data Session Current IP": My wife's= (sprint), Mine= (sprint).

    "Service Option #": Hers=59; Mine=33

    Her phone "RF Mode" mostly stays on "Sleep" and occassionally blinks to "CMDA 1900MHz", while mine mostly stays on "CDMA 1900MHz", occassionally blinks to "Sleep", then right back to "CDMA 1900MHz".

    Her "Call Processing State" stays on "Idle State" almost all of the time, while mine toggles through the following over & over (at random & frequent intervals):
    Idle State
    Mobile Station Origination Attempt
    Traffic Channel Init
    Traffic Channel State
    Pilot Channel Acquisition State

    Her phone only toggled through "some" of the "Call Processing States" a few times (while I watched them both for about 30minutes)!

    Her screen would also turn off after 60seconds, while mine never would (while in debug mode).

    My battery % drains before my eyes, while her's stays relatively consistent.

    I turned off "Data Roaming" and "Data Usage" on my phone and the toggling stopped. Turned them both back on: My RF Mode went to sleep more often; the toggling did not start back up; my Screen would shut off like normal!

    When you're experiencing excessive battery drain, can you enter DEBUG mode, and check the "RF Mode" and the "Call Processing State" and let us know if you see the same kind of thing?

    Also, if you see this "toggling", try turning off Data Roaming & Data Usage, then turn them back on and see if it stops.
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    I have the same situation as you do.. i have two pre's and i can sit them side by side, not using either one, and my wife's will drain at 2% per hour, and mine will drain at 4% per hour. I have an Airave, and the phones are set up identical. I can't figure it out.
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    well, I've always thought my pre's battery drained somewhat quickly, and that my phone is warm a lot.

    after going into debug mode, I noticed the following:

    service option # is also 33
    RF mode initially says 'sleep' but then quickly changes to CDMA 1900MHz indefinatly.
    i do not have cycling of the call processing state though.
    my screen shuts off normally

    after 'toggling' nothign changed

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