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    For some weeks now, when I am on the phone and I break contact with my face momentarily, I notice my phone starts dialing during my call. When I look at the screen, I see that it has established a conference call between my current caller and some random number. Sometimes it's my voicemail. Sometimes it's someone I called recently. Often, it's some random number from my contacts.

    What gives? This never used to happen. It's only in the past week or maybe a month. I've re-imaged the phone and still have not solved the problem.
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    I went through this exact problem. I thought I was bumping the screen with my finger or thumb or was placing it against my face in the wrong way. I then became very careful of everything I was doing. Finally, had Palm send me a replacement/refurb and all is well.
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    Sounds like you may be "ear-dialing", which is a symptom of a bad proximity sensor. Read more about it here, and how to properly diagnose a bad proximity sensor.

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    Mine does this ALL the time. Matter of fact, 3 out of 6 phones so far I've had did it. I thought it was just a weird quirk that could be fixed in a future software rev. Guess not?

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