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    Hi guys,

    Two years ago when I first got my ipod touch , when I jailbroke my ipod touch, i can remember transfering files using flashfxp from my laptop to my ipod touch since both were connected to the same wireless router.

    Is there anyway i can transfer files wirelessly to my palm pre without plugging my palm pre each and everytime to the usb port and setting it to usb mode ? please see : Both my laptop and PALM PRE are connected to the same Router

    Thanks in advance,
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    No, not possible.....unless you have a relationship with Linux that goes back to the 90's. What I'm saying is there are ways but for the average user the answer might as well be no.
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    Won't this work?

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    you can via bluetooth at the end of the month (next firmware).
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    Works like a charm! I use WinSCP with it...fab!

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