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    I accidentally destroyed mine and would like to buy an unused pair if anyone has one around....

    (edit, I'm aware that this post should probably be in marketplace.... but I'm not sure how to delete or move the post)
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    Yeah, those Moto-HD Stereo Bluetooth headphones for $99 at BB are the bomb-diggy.
    And they work great with Pandora! (skip, pause, play, volume etc.)
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    PM me if you are looking for an unused pair.
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    I could barely afford my phone - and I kinda like the headphones that it came with.
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    I have an unused pair, pm me.

    You can have them if you cover the postage.
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    you can get a basic set of earbuds at best buy for $20 i think
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    if you still need some, i have a pair, just let me know

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