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    I transfered Podcasts to my Palm Pre from iTunes in 9.0.0 & 9.0.1 while the sync was still working, but can not remove them now as the sync no longer works. Where are the podcasts stored on the Palm Pre when sync'd via iTunes.

    "Please don't say /media/internal/video/ there is no such folder."
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    I had that same issue. From what I could gather they're stored in a series of hidden folders. Rather than try and make sense of that, I just downloaded Sharepod. That recognized these folders and allowed me to copy the content off to a normal location. I'm sure there's a more in depth and technical solution, but 15 minutes is enough time spent trying to figure this out (especially if the answer is free like Sharepod).
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    I will never understand why people who use iTunes on their Pre update their iTunes.
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    I will never understand how you "use iTunes on your Pre" so I guess we are even. I update because I know how to fix the sync. I just wanted to know the actual directory because on my Pre that directory has gone haywire somehow and is not allowing me to delete any content from it.

    freejersey2007 - Thanks for the information. I currently use Songbird for all of my sync needs. But like i said there is a permission change on the direectory so unless I know what directory it is i have no way of removing the info. But i will check out SharePod as it may have some info internally that can help me locate the directory I seek.
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    Hold on ! did you say you know how to fix the sync for iTunes? Ive been searching for fixes for the sync with Pre and have had no luck. If you can point me in the right direction , i would really appreciate it.
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    demetry: last I tried Songbird it had serious problems parsing podcast feed URLs. Has this been fixed?
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    I've never had an issue with anything in songbird with my Pre. if you are having issues parsing then you need to either google the issue, contact Mozilla or not use the linux w/songbird as they removed support for it.

    Don't mean to sound rude but this is not the forum for songbird issues.
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