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    My M key is no longer working. I am not the original owner of this Pre and am worried warranty won't cover. Have any of you had to deal with warranty work when you are not the original owner?
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    I have for my old HTC Mogul. The phone should still be under warranty regardless of its original owner.

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    Have you tried a battery pull yet?
    Others have mentioned that this helped when they had keys not working.
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    It's working now and I have not done a reset, weird
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    i have had the whole keyboard stop working. 2 soft resets didnt help. i then mashed all the keys like a mad man, and pulled the battery out. with a bit of luck it worked. dont no if it was the mad man key mashing or the battery but it works now

    it looked to me like it was stuck on space bar. because as i loaded a text screen it would just run space.

    hope this helps in some way o_O

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