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    In the screenshot in the "Whats new in webOS 1.3.1" article, it showed the network settings as Sprint 2.0. Mine is currently 1.9. I don't really know what that means or what that does. There's an option on my Pre to update network settings and PRL (which I know has something to do with the towers that are near you). How often do people update these things?
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    On Tuesday, a PRL update happened on its own. So as far as I'm concerned, that's as often as I'll do mine.
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    What about the network settings? What do the network settings control? I updated mine and it's still at 1.9 whereas version 1.3.1 was at 2.0. Are they important?
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    you won't be able to iterate the Sprint version. That is done with the updates only. You can update your PRL and network settings but it will still be 1.9 until we get 1.3.1
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    What exactly do Network Settings do though? What effect do they have on service and what about the Network Settings get better in an update?

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