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    Not that I'm trying to dissuade you from your opinion, but if you (or anyone) now find that you are sorry you bought the Pre, then I can think of only three possible reasons:
    1. You bought it on a whim without spending a bunch of time to learn what features would be on it and what wouldn't.
    2. You bought it knowing full well that it didn't have the features you wanted, but somehow believed that Palm would fix all of that in 5 months.
    3. You bought it knowing full well that it didn't have some features, but your needs have changed.

    I'm thinking a lot of people are in the second category. I know a lot of people said that Palm would be able to fix it all very quickly. Certainly it doesn't take much time to actually code fixes for some of the things people complain about not getting frequently. Some of the things people want are not coming because there has been an underlying philosophy shift. Some of the things people want are coming, but are just taking longer than you expected (flash, GPU usage, native Linux code).

    It's the philosophy shift that is really hurting the legacy users. I feel sorry for people who can't make the shift. You just can't expect the Pre to do the very same things your previous device did in the very same way. Some things it doesn't do, some things it does differently. It also does a lot more. Many of the legacy users can't see the value of the new things the Pre does. I wish I could help, but people don't really like to change, especially when they have an efficient way of doing things. I'm sorry Palm is leaving you behind, but you folks are a dying breed, and there aren't enough of you to sustain the legacy.
    And what's your response to the app limit - the problem this thread was originally about?

    that's my only issue with the phone. they have these apps and I CANT DOWNLOAD THEM. Can't you see why I'm pretty ****ed?
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    The app limit is completely ridiculous IMHO. If it weren't for the homebrew patch for it I'd likely be considering jumping ship right about now. Not something I want to do because despite some other short comings I really feel like WebOS has the best UI I've ever used on a smartphone.
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    well it seems to me the app limit is there because of palms delay with a solution to hiding app least that's what it seems like...
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