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    When launching Classic on my GSM Pre with original webOS it tells me it need a newer webOS version for full functionality.

    Has any one accept the offer to update the webOS?

    What happens and what version is installed?

    I am on my way on a business trip so I didn't have the guts to try.
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    In my case nothing happened. It ask you to upgrade beacuse a GSM Pre runs under 1.1. Full Classic uses capabilities of webOS 1.2. Under 1.1 Hotsync for example does not work/is not present.
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    I want to install classic .But it seems only way to install is through Appcatalog . Here in Germany I dont see any apps in my app catalog (WebOS 1.2.1) .Is there any other way I can get it on my pre ?
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    heres how to get the app catalogue back
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    Thanks diggedy for the above link ! It worked beautifully. I now have all the free apps listed in my app catalog
    Chander !

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