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    I noticed last week that my pre did not show some events from over 1 month ago in the calendar, I look on my outlook and they were present. Well, now I look (because a client asked me an appointment question) and now the events are not in outlook. It looks like about 90% of the events/appointments are missing. I'm using hosted exchange - emails are fine, its just calendar events. I've talked with sprint and exchange provider. Seems to be a Pre issue as my prior smartphone never did this.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have a solution?
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    Am I the only one?
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    I noticed in September that all previous months were blank on my Pre. Like I'd never entered anything. I HAVE to be able to look back at previous schedules for certain things and can not do this. They have never dissappeared from my Outlook however and will be in big trouble if they do. I spent some time with Palm support recently which resulted in them telling me to remove my Outlook account and reinstall. This did not work. This is VERY frustrating since one of the biggest reasons I went with this phone was all the hype about the "calendar sync". (I know it's archaic but until this phone I was still using "paper" planning with Franklin Covey ha!)
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    I have had this problem since first syncing my pre. I am syncing with Gmail Calendar and Contacts.

    My calendar entries appear just fine on my Gmail account. However, the Pre apparently decides that my older entries (earlier than June 2009) are not important. I simply cannot get those calendar events to show up on my pre.

    This is absurd.

    My Treo 755P had no problem with this.

    Any thoughts, similar experiences, workarounds??



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