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    Had lost my Pre and received my replacement last week. I, of course, quickly installed Preware and all my favorite patches.

    Now I'm noticing that the K key really only works some of the time. Totally worthy of a replacement under TEP but should I clear the phone of patches before taking my phone in for "evaluation?"

    Does installing patches invalidate your TEP in anyway?

    Thanks for the help!
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    I don't know if it technically invalidates it or not, but when I took my phone to the Sprint store for a similiar issue (C and V keys got stuck) they claimed it was my South Park theme that caused the keys to stick.

    So, in short, definitely remove all patches and homebrew. I'd recommend removing all patches and then doctor it just to be extra safe.
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    I've never cleared patches or homebrew. I returned my phone about a week ago with a boot screen that was different(the HAL9000 eye), and the guy saw it, looked at it for a second, then kept on doing whatever he had to do. He knew it wasn't stock, but just didn't care.
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    When we had to return my wife's, I updated the backup, then ran WebOS Doctor. I've seen a few posts where someone said the Sprint Store gave them a hard time when they saw patches, themes, or even homebrew apps.

    Only takes ~20 min (if you have a full battery) and there'll be no issues
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    I would prob clear everything because it just all depends on WHO the rep is that is taking care of you... Some won't care like Elysian893 said but then you run the chance of them trying to blame the problem on something that "YOU" did to the phone! Better safe than sorry I guess is my point... Plus if you are getting a NEW one then who cares if you Clear everything becuase you will be starting over anyway Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.
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    Well, I'm not running any themes, so decided to leave the patches. I was inclined to leave them as I knew they would have to "order" me a replacement phone that would not arrive for about a week.

    Took it in, the guy typed on it for a bit and decided to order me a replacement and gave me back my phone. Yeah, think it has a lot more to do with just who you end up getting. Dropped in to another Sprint store before hand and the rep said I would have to leave my phone for an hour while a tech "evaluated" my case. Eesh, glad I found the second gay.
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    Eesh, glad I found the second gay.
    Freudian Slip?
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    Freudian Slip?
    HA! too funny. wow, those keys aren't even close together. uh oh ..haha.
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    I generally always remove patches and tweaks before taking my phone in to be replaced. This is simply due to the fact that people have posted that others information has been on their phone when they received a replacement, i.e. pandora login info, etc. I more or less wipe my phone out of common courtesy. I don't want Palm/Sprint to take my broken phone, turn it around as a refurb, and someone not as tech savvy to have software problems.
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    I remove patches & themes before warranty replacements, too. Because in that case, the question is whether or not you've voided the warranty. I don't know if it's necessary but I prefer not to have to argue with the sprint rep about it. I don't remove PreWare or other homebrew apps. I had one sprint rep notice that I had PreWare on there. Most don't say anything.

    As for TEP replacements, I haven't had to do one yet. But you can get a TEP replacement if you dunk your phone into the bathtub - something that definitely voids the warranty. I wouldn't worry about removing patches for a TEP replacement. Hopefully I'll never have to find out.
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