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    Only person I know with one locally is my brother-in-law. (I live in Bardstown, he's in Louisville.)

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    Im in Reno, NV and so far I am the person I know that has one. Heading to Vegas soon. I'll keep my eye out for fellow Nevada users down there
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    You know, I thought it was silly that I bought the same phone for my wife, but she loves it now - she's still not a power user.

    Anyway, the only reason I bring that up is that the only time I have seen one other than my wife's was on an airplane returning from Mexico City - a husband/wife combo both had one.

    I have neither seen nor heard any others.

    Now that I know there are other Pre-Central Pre owners in Pittsburgh I will keep an ear out for that distinctive sound. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nate7161 View Post
    I have only seen two other Pres in Connecticut, but they are the ones I recommended for my friends. I was in Daytona last week and didn't spot any of them.
    Well, there's one in Cheshire!
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    I know quite a few people who have a pre! Seen a lot of pre's in the wild also. I do know like 6 people who cant wait to get the pixi. Dont see many iphone users in ocala, fl
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    Still waiting to see one in the wild in Munich here in Germany...
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    i've seen three being used by guests w/i the last week to ten days...
    Don't panic, there will be plenty of time for that later.
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    Here in Indianapolis I've sen quite a few. I really like mine, and see them around but I wouldn't say it's saturated. I see more iPhones, but I wouldn't say that iPhones rule here. Most people have more plain phones or blackberries. But I'm in a lot of businesses so thats probably why I see more of those than anything else.
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    I'm the only person I know who has one (here in Kansas City, Missouri), I always thought it was weird that I never saw another one anywhere...I love my Pre!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I am the biggest palm loyalist there is and want them to succeed, which means selling more phones. That said, I fear the day when someone else at work or even someone I know has a pre also. I like to be the only one. Anyone else?
    I don't think I can share the same feeling. I have only see one other Pre user in Dallas airport. I want to see more Pre users.

    However, I don't want to be an iPhone user, precisely because there are too many other iPhone users. It is like seeing many people wearing the same pair of shoes wherever you go. I am especially sick of how many people use their iPhone on an airplane.

    I hope there is a nice middle ground.
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    I was amazed the today when I was walking down the hall and saw someone with a REAL Pixi!!!! I havn't even seen a Pre yet!!! Must be proof that pixi will sell hard time!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    I have one, as does my friend. That's two more for Steeler Nation!
    Make that THREE Pre users down with the Black and Gold!!


    By the way, I'm in the ATL and the only users I've seen was in the Sprint store
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    I'm glad I'm the only one with a Palm Pre that has free internet everywhere. xD
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    Havent seen any down my way, my father and bro have one( I help them out with all the patches,preware,ect.) Its funny, the times I go into a sprint store and the reps see my pre with all the goodies they get all excited, but its funny that most people at the sprint stores havent heard about precentral.
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    It feels good to have a lesser known but always intriguing and more capable phone that always sparks a conversation. bravo pre, despite your faults, best phone on the market right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by spdsktr View Post
    Living in Pensacola, FL, I never see them. But I know you are out there! This forum alone has many users from my area.
    Wassup, P-Cola!

    <<--- Born (not raised).

    Tallahassee, FL here. M'lady and I have Pre's, but we don't see many in the wild. A co-worker has one and she says there are others in the building, but none that I've seen.

    Surprisingly, more people who see my Pre actually KNOW WHAT IT IS. They refer to it by name! *gasps & faints*

    Makes me think those weird-***** commercials did their job.
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    miami fl here...only seen one pre here in is filled with blackberries and many ppl here with iphones....i love my pre no matter wut!!!

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    SF Bay Area, and I don't see too many of them. Seen a few on BART, but where they've really seem to taken off is on the East Bay. I go to school in Pleasant Hill, and I see students with them all the time. Doesn't make me feel special anymore >_>
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    Only places around me( Bexley Ohio) that have em are actual sprint store shelves.
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