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    steelers rock!!!!!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    The only other Pre user I've seen is a friend who got one after I did and recommended it.

    And I have to admit that I like not seeing them everywhere. I felt the same way when I had Treos.
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    Ive seen plenty in Socal but its def no iphone
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    I know one guy that freqently works in my office has one...didnt actually see it, but heard the distinct PRE sounds. I remember seeing a guy at a local bar had one too, he even was using the onscreen keyboard at the he must look around this forum.

    A friend of mine has one now, after he "testdrove" mine for awhile. They are out there, I see them....kinda funny when you get that nod from the other person..."You got a PRE too?? Cool".
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    I've never seen one but mine here in montreal quebec
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    My boss and I are the only two I know personally with them. It's kind of like owning a Maverick... you never see another one, but when you do, it's like you just saw [insert your favorite celebrity name].
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    North East of Cleveland Ohio and I have yet to see anybody else with a PRE. I know a couple tech savvy guys that were impressed with mine when I showed them, one has an iphone and the other has some Windows Mobile phone.

    can't wait to see others though... seems kinda like a Jeep thing (we all wave to each other) MAYBE us PRE owners should have something like that
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    I am in Greensboro, NC, and I have not seen any in the wild until the other day I noticed my neighbor carrying one. We started talking, and I showed him all the *tweaks* I had added. Needless to say he showed up that night at my doorstep with a 12 pack and a request to get his Pre patched. That said, I work in IT, and there is probably 15 iPhones within a 25 foot radius from my office door. I have been playing the part of the evangelist, but have yet to convert anyone yet...despite the fact that I am the only one who gets a decent signal in our data center (which is built like a bomb shelter...). Go figure...
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    i havent seen any where i live either, smaller town though. Although im used tho that as the car i drive is a pretty rare vehicle only seen 3 in person in the four years of owning it. Thunderbird SC (supercharged) V6 for those of you that dont know. i have a 94 (auto unfortunetly) and there were only 1,925 made for u.s. and canada production
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    I would like to see them around more, only because the bigger the user base, the more incentive for developers to create apps for them. I think I've only see two or three others.
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    Haven't seen any others here in Kitchener though LinkedIn told me about an old high school friend who'd installed the LinkedIn app on his. I 'pinged' him back by installing it on mine (deleted it the next day, kinda pointless for the amount I used the service), then had many co-workers come by to check my Pre out once LinkedIn snitched on me...
    Yeah, uhh... it's Kevin. (KevinT was already taken.)

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    I'm in Tucson, AZ and I occasionally see one outside of work. At work, a company of about 200 employees, I wasn't even the only one to get one on launch day. And now there are 5 of us!
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    Haven't see or heard one but expect to
    Lov the Pre
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    Have seen nothing but apple loyal hipster actor wannabe's with iphones in LA. 2 years ago On the Enterprise Rental car shuttle from LAX (about 12 passengers). I saw 6 people with their iphones out. Needless to say its only gotten worse. Im happily rocking out with my Pre out.
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    I've seen a few around the Pacific Northwest at soccer games and Costco. The other Pre users that I talked to had "vanilla" phones until I showed them PreCentral homebrews and themes.

    Will be adding a Pixi or another Pre this weekend, depending on how "she" likes the Pixi. Haven't touched a Pixi yet, but I am thinking she will go Pre after waiting a month or so since her contract was up to get a hands on with the Pixi.
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    In a world where everyone has an iPhone, having a Pre does make you stand out from the pack. It feels good to have something that is unique without having to give up any convenience.
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    Funny, I run service calls in the SF area and still haven't seen anyone with a Pre. Mostly iPhones and Blackberries.
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    I rarely saw Treos over several years of use. then the Centro came out and they are everywhere. I do think the pixi with be like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    I have one, as does my friend. That's two more for Steeler Nation!
    Pittsburgh Represent!!!!
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    I have only seen two other Pres in Connecticut, but they are the ones I recommended for my friends. I was in Daytona last week and didn't spot any of them.
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