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    Hey guys,

    I just encountered this problem about 2 days ago. I went to work in the morning and noticed after being on the touchstone all night it was only at 98%. So I decided to when I got home put it back on for a hour or 2 and still only went up to 98%. So I unplugged my touchstone and plugged it into the socket on the phone. It still will only go up to 98% after being on the charger for hours.

    Any ideas of what to do? I already did a quick reset but that didnt do it.

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    I suppose drain the battery completely then charge it back up should be the first thing you should try.
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    Same here , I have had that issue since I replaced my pre. If you go to device info and check the battery percentage there it is probably at 100%. On occasion it will charge to 100%.

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