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    Ok so it looks like now when I go to [url= Credit Cards : Cash Back Credit Cards, Rewards Card, Travel Credit Card[/url] on my Pre phone, it automatically goes to the mobile site. For whatever reason when the browser tries to load the login screen, it causes the phone to crash and I end up with the Palm flashing boot screen. I have been able to replicate this 3 times in a row now.

    Can somebody else try going to [url= coming soon![/url] and see if it loads properly on your phone? Thanks in advance,

    - Mitalis
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    It does it to me too. Unfortunately I don't know if it started when discover updated their website or with the 1.3.1 update, because I didn't use it frequently enough to notice Discover updating their website. I guess I will send feedback to both Palm and Discover.

    I wonder if it creates any messages in /var/log/messages when it happens... Can't test it right now because I am on the phone, but I will do it when this call is over.

    Yeah kind of an old post, but I was about to post the same thing and decided to try a couple searches first.

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