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    I too had this start on me 12-31-09 after I had to change my gmail password, from a vacation message hack with gmail (thanks Google) and now my phone goes offline 50% of the time, drops me in middle of a call and the battery is dropping like crazy.

    It's not a bad signal, I use an Airave. I also noticed my WiFi keeps losing it's connection.

    I also deleted my Google Calendar, all my email accounts except my main one, which is gmail.

    Seems the password change started me down this path.

    Any ideas on my next steps, I can't exchange the phone till Saturday so willing to waste time/or have success if anyone has ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nh21 View Post
    I have been having the same problem for the past few weeks. I notice that my battery begins to drain at a VERY fast pace, even though the screen shows that I have all bars. When this happens I do not receive text messages, I cannot make calls or receive them (If I do, the voicemail and text will show up hours later or only after i reset the phone!!!), and I cannot connect to the internet (or use any app or anything on my phone at all). I have to reset the phone when this happens. I am going into sprint today to see what they will do to fix this problem...
    I took my pre to a sprint store, and since it was still under warranty, they worked on my phone for free (would cost $119 if not). I was having the problems at stated above, so I took the phone in and first tried a "soft reset." Not sure if this helped, but the Palm symbol showed on my phone for 7 hours before shutting down completely from battery drain. I took my phone in a second time, and they did a partial erase, where my software was completely erased and i had to re-sign in to my phone. The sprint tech guys did this, and it took about 1 1/2 hours. Will let you know if this fixes the problem or not.
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    I have shown a drain of 90% in 3.75 hrs.
    per my battery monitor, and after I began recharging I still showed a 4+ % drain.
    zero cards open (other than the monitor) full bars on cell, and full bars on WiFi. I am using an Airave, fyi. The latest patches/apps I have installed prior to this happening are: LED notification, LED torch, Terminal, and updated the Precorder, & package manager. The real weird thing is I have been using my ph quite a bit less today.
    Hope we can put together enough info so as to figure this out, I tried to not complain much about the battery running down too fast B4, but this is crazy!!

    Update- I just went and checked my ph, and I show a .40% drain now.... hmmm. It's only @ 96% after charging for around 4 hrs. on Touchstone.
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    Nearly 40 min. later and battery shows 95%. I have the graph showing and the "line" shows a decrease in battery, I haven't removed it from the charger once! something is up.
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    Mine did this too. and the only way I found to fix the problems was to WebOS Doctor the thing. Once I did that and updated the OS to 1.3.5, I have had zero issues with the battery drain and "phone offline" or data drop issue. And for me, the palm backup worked great for saving my contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liv4rc51 View Post
    Nearly 40 min. later and battery shows 95%. I have the graph showing and the "line" shows a decrease in battery, I haven't removed it from the charger once! something is up.
    Try resetting your phone. this should help. if this continues, take the phone into a sprint store and they will have to erase/reset the software on your phone.
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    Anyone in this thread running Exchange?
    I get this problem but only when my Exchange account is linked.
    Also makes my other Email accounts go screwy.

    When I remove it all works fine.

    Generally phone going offline repeatedly is a result of the Java crashing for some reason or another.
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    I'm beginning to believe that these issues are not software/firmware related.
    I'm having an almost identical issue with my wife's Pre.
    I tried a few new things that have helped, but not fixed 100%.
    The first thing I did was replace the battery with a different one (I happen to have a trashed Pre for parts).
    Now it dies less often, but still gets stuck on the non-glowing PALM icon on some reboots.
    I think the issue is in the mini-USB plug or the charging system. My mother got rid of her Pre after it was replace three times for the same issue.
    I'm taking my wife's in today to see what they say.
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