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    OK, I can't imagine others haven't noticed this feature / bug before, but I searched and couldn't find any references to it....

    As background, I signed up for Google Voice this afternoon (thanks to the two of you who sent me invites!!). I was lucky enough to get a GV # that is just one digit different than my actual cell phone number, instead of 617-XYZ-ABCD, I got 607-XYZ-ABCD. Great for me. That should facilitate my eventual transition to fully use the GV number....

    One of the first things I tried was sending a text to my GV number to see how SMS's looked like in the web interface. I typed in 607XYZABCD as the SMS address. To my surprise, when I clicked into the actual message body field, the number was replaced by my name through auto-lookup. So, I'm thinking... Wow, Google already updated my own contact record entry in Google Contacts with my new GV phone # and then that updated contact record already "Synergy'd" to my phone. Well, that wasn't the case, my Google contact entry is no different at all. It was merely the coincidence of my same 7-digit phone number that led me to find this bug / feature in the SMS auto-lookup feature...

    So, meanwhile I'm perplexed.... then I started testing. I began a NEW SMS to my wife's cell phone, except I intentionally mis-typed her area code as 555-QRS-TUVW. To my surprise, her name popped up when I moved to the message body area.

    I do remember hearing somewhere that you could just use a person's 7 digit # (assuming no other entries in your contacts had the same 7 digits and a different area code). This 7 digit addressing of SMS does work -- I tested that too. But I didn't know that you could put in any area code followed by a proper 7 digit phone # in your contacts and still have the lookup feature work properly.

    So, my question is: Is this a bug or a feature???
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    Are your phone numbers stored as the full 10 digits in the Contacts app, or are they just 7 digits?
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    No, they're all stored as the full 10. I don't have a single 7-digit number in my contacts. Everyone I know is from all over the place, so it'd be a mess if I did it that way (plus, it wouldn't help me if I was just looking up a number to dial from another phone.)
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    Can anyone else confirm that this issue / feature is repeatable on other Pres?

    in Messaging App (SMS)....

    • start a new Message to a phone number
    • enter any random area code followed by 7 digits of a real phone # in your contacts
    • tap into the message body field
    • see if the SMS app replaces the addressee phone # with the name of the contact with those 7 digits

    As a test, I created a new contact "Jerry Test" who has a mobile number 543-ABC-DEFG where ABC-DEFG are the same 7 digits of my wife's mobile phone (but a different area code). This identified two potential additional issues:

    • The "Jerry Test" contact profile was automatically linked by Synergy to my wife's profile and "his" mobile phone number actually replaced hers in the consolidated contact entry!! Hers was just gone (but reappeared after unlinking she and Jerry)
    • After unlinking "Jerry Test" from her profile, I then started a new SMS to a totally different area code (neither my wife's nor Jerry's) followed by ABC-DEFG, and my wife's name popped up.

    I don't think this is a very big issue (except for maybe the auto linking of profiles based on the same last-7-digits of a phone #... I don't know if I have any contacts with differing area codes, but same 7 digits -- never really gave it much thought before, nor did I think it was important).

    I just think this is very strange, and potentially an issue to report to Palm.
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    I suppose nobody else cares about this. It's not really a problem that would immediately affect many people, so the lack of response is OK.

    I posted a bug report on the palm forums for those who are interested.

    last 7 digits of contact phone numbers confuse Synegy? - Synergy (webOS) - Palm Support Community
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    Presumably as part of the Synergy implementation, the PrPrPr&#$275$; $apparently$ $considers$ any telephone number string, including multiple numbers associated with the same contact, ending in the same last seven digits to be the same.

    Unfortunately, this is not as unlikely as the original poster supposes: even discounting the "birthday paradox", reuse of PINs--especially of six or more digits, followed typically by '#'--makes the problem especially obnoxious for multiple, personal voicemail numbers embedded in a single contact entry: all but the first is hidden, except when editing the contact.

    The only workaround seems to be to pad with trailing, timed delays ('t'), so that the comparison will fail: since the telephone app permits "dialing through" a delay, it doesn't interfere with use of a service, but is highly counterintuitive!

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    I just tried it by changing my wife's area code and you are right. It did it for me too. Probably never would even notice since 99% of the time, the person I am texting is already a contact so I just look them up by name, not number.

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