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    Why does my laungage change when I go to google? I have to restart my pre periodically to change it back...Sucks
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    My pre did this yesterday. I turned on airplane mode and turned it off again to reset the 3g connection. That fixed it pretty quickly. Not sure why it is happening though.
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    heh heh... Never had it happen on my phone... but using my sprint aircard has happened several times... Apparently google sometimes tries to figure out the correct language via your IP Address. The IP address is dynamically assigned by Sprint when you connect. Apparently sprint is allocating some European IP addresses to North American phones!

    Is a real pain in the ***** with the aircard, since we block a bunch of overseas IP's from our VPN.

    Turning on, the off airplane mode should force the phone to reconnect and get a newly assigned dynamic IP and fix the problem.
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    this is not a specific problem on the pre. My pre and hero do this. Sometimes I get chinese and sometimes spanish. I can't figure it out. On both phones, it only happens if I type in in the browser. If I just do a universal search both phones work flawless. Weird..
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    yup, see my above post.... This is a result of your ip address, not phone

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