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    My friend and I are trying to share calendars on google. She doesn't have a pre, but i do, and I can't see her calendar on my phone...i only have permission to view the calendar though, not edit, is this why i can't see it on my phone? is there no way to add it to my phone so i can see it without editing it?

    so basically she has google calendar, and we have a shared calendar, but i can't see hers on my phone even after i sync it...and it's not set for me to edit her calendar, but i can view it. and i don't want the ability to edit her calender either.

    does anyone know?

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    Can you see her Google calendar via your Google calendar, when accessing it via your PC's web browser?
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    ya i can see it on my computer...but not on my phone.

    edit: ok all of the sudden it is there, but i changed the name of it, do you think it will change later? just like it took a while for it to show up on my phone?

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