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    Ok so I was looking to see if there was a solution online to record video with the Pre, and google returned a link to this forum talking about a hack for the Pre that came out about two months ago. (here's the link ) but when I look on Precentral I don't see the app. Is it just that no one decided to host the application? Is it compatible with the latest version of the Pre's OS? Thanks in advance for any information.
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    There is no app, its a lengthy root hack not for the faint of heart and even if you get the video there is no guarantee for sound
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    I'm surprised no one tried to make it into an app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dz1262 View Post
    I'm surprised no one tried to make it into an app.
    yeah,doest quite work that way.
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    There is an app. It is very very touchy though (YMMV). Its on page xx in that thread. I think people are waiting for 1.3.x to be released before they do a bunch of work that might not even need to be done or need to be redone.

    Some users have had great luck and have put a lot of hard work and time in to it. Pure guess but i would think a couple weeks after 1.3.x is released we'll see a nice homebrew app.
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    I used jason robataille's ipk, then installed through QI, but the prob is that they are waiting for 1.3, they don't want to hav to make a new one after the update

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