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    I have the $7.00/month insurance. Dropped my phone in the toilet and it's borked; if I take it into the store will I get a new one? What's the process?
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    If I recall, its an insurance, You call them, they send a replacement and a return package for you and charge $50.00. Granddaughter did almost the same, but it was a carwash.
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    I'd let it dry out for a few days before you get a new one. My wife dunked hers in water, and after drying for three days, it started right back up again.
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    You could also place it in a clean batch of dry rice. Rice absorbs moisture. If not, you can take it back to Sprint and use the insurance.
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    Will they send me a NEW phone or a refurbished one?
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    Ok .. I see some incorrect information. With water damage they DO NOT replace it @ the store. you have to go through insurance. ASURION is the company you would have to go through when you have sprint, you can get their info from sprint. IT is a $100 deductible NOT a $50. If you do it online you get free next day shipping. the chances of getting a new phone are 50 /50. I'm on my 4th pre and got a new one once and refubished ones twice. The new ones come new in box with ALL accessories, the refurbished ones come with battery and charger (which you can keep and not have to return the old ones).

    The only time they fix/replace it @ the store is if it programing or a known problem (ex. touch screen broke and there is NO water damage)

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