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    I web doctored my pre last night and yahoo messenger was available when all was done.
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    you mean yahoo was available in synergy?
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    What version does your phone say now? 1.2.1? Where did you get the webos DR from?
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    I got the dr from palm site..vers 1.2.0 then updated to 1.2.1 OTA
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    hmmmm this is the 2nd or 3rd repoert I've heard of this. No biggie tho cuz its supposed to b n 1.3.1 right?
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    You definitely got lucky.
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    I did this, and it worked great. Unfortunately, like many other hacks, I used it for a day then forgot about it.
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    I've been using the messenger plugin patch for the last few days without any problems at all. =) I'm a happy camper.

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