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    I have the sms tone per contact patch installed. I was messing around with my notification sounds and accidentally changed my notification sound to an mp3 ringtone. I went to change the sound back to notification.wav but its not found anywhere on my pre.

    Does anyone have the notification.wav file that they can post or send me? Or does anyone know how to select it with or without the patch installed?
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    Sent you a PM. If anyone wants to know the path to the WAV file:

    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive
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    got it!
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    Hey there KJ78,

    If you have webOS Quick Install on your computer (which I would suggest you have if you do not), you can make an easy backup of the original sound files by entering this command line in the Linux Command Interface:

    cp usr/palm/sounds/alert.wav media/internal/


    cp usr/palm/sounds/notification.wav media/internal/

    This will copy the sounds from the hidden directory into your media directory. When you go to select a new ringtone for a specific category (ringtone, notification, alert, etc) just select the new ringtone button (small musical note icon on the bottom left) and those files should now be in there.

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