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    I searched the forums for a similar thread on this but didn't find one. I thought I couldn't be the only one with this problem and this is sure to help a couple people.

    Problem: Protective screen affecting proximity sensor. Can't touch the "Hang Up" button because the screen stays black.

    I noticed that when on a call (ex. checking or leaving a Voicemail), the screen remains black and I can't touch the hangup button. Sometimes the proximity sensor gets some glimpse of light and the screen will flicker on/off - you still can't touch that button.

    Solution: Know where the proximity sensor is and cut a hole in your protective screen.

    I have a protective screen (ZAGG's Invisible Shield) for my Pre. I found the screen covers the proximity sensor and (although perfectly clean) disrupts the sensor.

    You can find the sensor if you hold the phone horizontally at eye level and look near a glare. To the right (when it's held upright) of the ear piece are two small sensors. They look like small metal squares with a black circle in the middle. Cut out (hole punch or exacto works) here and your issue should be fixed.

    I hope this helps a few people. Love the phone and it now works perfectly.

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    I don't have this problem with my Clear-Coat.
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    no probs ith phantom skinz
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    I didn't have this problem with my first Pre. Phantom Skinz worked fine. But since I had to get a replacement the Phantom Skinz now affects the sensor.

    I don't think it is a factor of the screen protector as I got a new one and it installed cleanly.

    So this makes me think that my replacement phone has a different sensitivity to light. Is there any way to set or calibrate the sensitivity?? Maybe someone could write a patch for this purpose. That would be great!
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    Fantastic tip.
    I still have the protective sheet that the phone came with waiting for the Zagg shield to get through the mail. I suddenly noticed that issue of the screen turning black as soon as I dialed a call. Thought something was wrong with the phone or the config and even went through a full reset!!
    Then I had the hunch abou the sensor and found the post.
    Sure enough peeling the sheet a little and rubbing that spot (!!) solved the issue!
    I will definitely make a hole for the sensor in the Zagg!!!
    Cheers mate!
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    FWIW, the proximity sensor is not activated by visible light, otherwise it would be activated in the dark. I think it's probably a very weak (and incredibly cheap) radar. There are probably significant differences in the sensitivities among our Pres, since it only needs to provide binary data (something is there or something is not there).

    Correction, not radar (how silly of me), but infrared light. Here's an article I found about the prox sensor on the Droid (which is likely similar to the one on the Pre):
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    if your phone won't turn back on during a call, just press the power button. it won't end the call, trust me. it'll just turn the screen on. I dont , however, know what it'll do if you press it during a call while the screen is on o.o
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    I don't have a cover, but I was curious to see the sensor. No matter how hard I looked or at what angle, I could not find it. o.O Oh well...

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    Recently I was having the same issue... phone screen going black with only the touchstone bringing it back. This makes sense as my front shield just started to peel off the top of my phone. Was just going to wait it out as I hope a new (newer than pre 2) phone will be announced at CES, but now i'll just get a new shield until then... thanks for the info!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmilette View Post
    if your phone won't turn back on during a call, just press the power button. it won't end the call, trust me. it'll just turn the screen on. I dont , however, know what it'll do if you press it during a call while the screen is on o.o
    (Old thread, I know, but...)

    I have this problem, and the power button does NOT work for me. I've tried that, the volume buttons, the ringer switch, and every key on the keyboard. Most of the time I can just tap on the touchscreen repeatedly, and eventually the call will end, but in a few cases I had to reset. I pulled the battery a few times before I learned about option-sym-R. Try that in the dark when the keyboard backlight isn't on!

    Now I'm trying to figure out how to cut a hole in my InvisibleShield without either wrecking it or scratching the Pre.

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