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    will we lose our "mytether" connection like we did for the 1.2 update ? And should I uninstall all of these Patches I have on my Pre for this new update aswell
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    Probably! aonet will, Im sure have a fix shortly.

    As far as patches just use epr on Preware right before the update.

    If you forget dont panic you can do it immediately after as well w/ no adverse reactions.
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    I'm not so sure Aonic will provide a fix, as he's been "AoWOL" lately.
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    Honestly, don't see how it's possible for Palm to disable it again. All MyTether does is temporarily uninstall the Wifi driver, install a new driver (well, really the old one originally shipped with the Pre), and then use commands built-in to the driver.

    Before, he wasn't including the driver in his service, now he is.
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    The free version of MyTether might be disabled upon an update, but the same fix used to make it work on 1.2.1 will probably work to get it going again.
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    Might Palm have some other way to disable tethering (just like Apple had more than one way to kill iTunes syncing)?
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    It's possible, but I just can't think of any other way. From memory back when I did a (much simpler, much less functional, and based on a service that doesn't exist anymore) tether app, all it does is use a built-in Linux command to basically bridge the two connections, and then for Wifi tethering it switches the Wifi driver into ad-hoc mode. Palm already removed the driver with ad-hoc mode included from webOS. Not sure what else they could do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    Might Palm have some other way to disable tethering (just like Apple had more than one way to kill iTunes syncing)?
    Probably not. The blessing and curse of the linux kernel, is that it is open source, and drivers are (generally speaking) part of the kernel. Even if palm were to compile the kernel with no wifi support at all, and put in their own replacement kernel module, the exact same fix could be done. Even if they switched kernel versions, all that would be required is for some dev to create the right build environment and compile the module again.

    The iTunes issue is completely different, but I'll spare the explanation since it would be so far OT.
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    if palm ships a new kernel, you won't be able to load the old wifi module from 1.1 to make it do adhoc again easily. it might be possible to go back to the old kernel as well, but if they ship a new kernel it might be to actually fix something that needs fixing as well... alternatively maybe someday the free libertas wifi driver will work with the pre's hardware at which point it will I think be possible to run an entirely homebuilt kernel on the pre.
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    There's never any guarantee that a homebrew application will still work upon a webOS update. There are several apps that were broken by new webOS versions in the past. Some of them were even apps from the App Catalog.

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