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    I have to say that this post has opened me back up to considering classic as possible purchase sometime in the future. I'll probably wait until WebOS 1.4 comes out to see how well MotionApps and Palm handle that software handoff. If it breaks again, then I probably remove Classic once again from my radar. For now, thanks to Jill, it's back on my radar.
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    Welcome to the world of WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    That is so awesome.
    I loved the chill pill too! HAHA
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    Love to read good stories like these! Expecailly ones with SKITTLES!!! Mmmm...
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    i like my pre + aswell, but damn.
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    You go girl....shout it from the mountain tops!

    BTW, I had purchased Classic at launch and pretty much gave up on it early on. Sounds like they have made several improvements since then. After your post, I just may dust it off and give it another try.

    Enjoy your Pre!
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    Lmao @ piddled in your cheerios. I'll have to use that one.
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