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    Few people communicate so much personality in a hand full of words. So many wish they could feel so cheerful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justjill3 View Post
    Did I mention that MotionApps Classic has made it possible for me to listen to and download content from Yeah, ba-byyyy!

    To keep Audible running, you need NoDoze (Homebrew Crew, you SO ROCK! )
    What Classic App are you using to listen to Audible books? The only thing I see is ereader, which I beleive is for actually downloading and reading books, not listening..I looked in the Classic App store, and could not find anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooper1010 View Post
    "man"?! c'mon, guys; this is clearly the message board post of a young lady. H.S. or maybe the first years of undergraduate work. right, Jill? (another hint)
    I'm not your man, Buddy
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awilaman View Post
    I actually haven't spent time using Palm OS so much except for the two trials I got using Classic.

    My question really is about how the Palm OS keyboard really works. I see a couple of characters show up on the screen, but still can't get to use it.

    I didn't find any references on how to use it either.
    those characters reference the physical button AREA on the actual keyboard.

    ie a "b" and surrounding letters on the keyboard act like the "down" on the directional pad. Actually cqan be quite useful when you get the hang of it.
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    DateBk is the thing I miss most on my Pre, glad to see it's still available!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    What Classic App are you using to listen to Audible books? The only thing I see is ereader, which I beleive is for actually downloading and reading books, not listening..I looked in the Classic App store, and could not find anything

    Audible is what caught my eye as well. I'd love to know the answer -- no matter what color 'he/she' wants to type in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandystreasures View Post
    Audible is what caught my eye as well. I'd love to know the answer -- no matter what color 'he/she' wants to type in.
    Im actually making progress with the Audible stuff

    Here is what I did:

    Went to

    Dowloaded the Audible Manager

    Had to root around in what dowloaded and installed on the PC to find the .prc file, could not figure out how to actually get the PC and Pre in Classic to "communicate"

    Went to USB mode

    Copied the .prc file to the Classic install folder, it installed fine

    Ejected,. then back to Classic, and then it installed the .prc for Audible app

    Comes with some sample files and tells you about a free offer for Palm users.. to go to and get a one month free trial, that includes 1 download, that you can keep even if you cancel

    Found a title, downloaded it (only format 3 works)

    Still not able to get the PC and the Pre in classic to "talk"

    But just went to USB mode, found the .aa file and copied it to a folder that the audible created, under the classic folder

    ejected from USB, back to Classic, back to Audible, and VOILA my TITLE is there.

    Have not been able to download OTA, get some errors.. have to work on it.. but its SOME progress.

    So, thanks back up to OP (Jill) for reminding me to look for this and that it is now oh so doable!

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    best post ever! ha
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    @jill: if you're into podcasts, get Dr.Podder! I used to NEVER (and I mean, never) leave the house without my iPod. Forget the phone...I would go back home to get my iPod!

    I don't even know where my poor iPod is (I cleaned up and put it used to always be in my purse)! You can stream the podcasts! No hooking up to the computer! It's free in the the Homebrew!

    If you don't already have them...Music (remix)...there are now TWO native WebOS ebook readers...Twee (IMHO) is da bomb Twitter app (the only way I Twitter...I won't even look at it on the computer anymore)...BroadCAST Radio for Shoutcast (there are a few others...I just like this one...but I'm just discovering Shoutcast)...if you like electronic crack PreJeweled is a Bejeweled type game....the classic DopeWars is available...then all the can have most of the chat plugins, specific ringtones for contacts, virtual keyboard...

    Okay...I've been excited too...I admit it...I'm a Pre-aholic!

    Being me has its advantages.

    -- Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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    Ohhhh yeah, I'm glad to see pTunes working great with the keyboard shortcuts. The sad thing not playing through bluetooth headset?!? Am I missing something or is it just not possible??
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    Quote Originally Posted by justjill3 View Post
    Thank you, Grabber5.0. To the rest of you, who piddled in your Cheerios? I did not realize being excited was a bad thing. I find reading a positive post that includes information far more interesting than much of the whining that makes up many posts. Remember, you elected to read my post. I certainly skip the posts that don't sound like my bag of chips.

    Ditto, Its great to hear a positive post
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post

    I was just tickled by your post.

    Personally, I liked all the colors.
    Quite Refreshing - like Skittles.
    I agree 100%! I hate reading posts about people whining. People always want more more more and now now now! how about wait wait wait! chill chill chill!
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    I feel like I just read a note from my 12 year old niece. Um.. except for the subject matter.
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    I have a 755p with databk 6 and syn with outlook and really want to upgrade to a pre plus. After looking at anemic data migration instructions on motionapp and datebk6 pages, I am very worried that install may not work since pre plus has no expan card. Will it work? Where can I find good migration instruction?
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    That post reminds me of every Myspace page from a few years ago. The only thing it is missing is a background designed to induce seizures, and some rap music blaring at me.
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    Nice and creative post. Deserve's a "A" grade in my book.

    Yes, it was busy, but it was enough to tell me the OP's message was going to be different from what I would have expected from a normal "classic" user. The post made me have to stop and re-read sentences a few times (which made me more actively participate in the message the OP was sending).

    creative: A+
    message: A+
    content: A (Pretty damn good, and more content than in most of my posts!)
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I've been purposely resisting going to classic mostly out of drive to fully embrace new technology. After seeing this post I'm havin second thouhts. The Pre is still missing a few things. I think they'll be here soon. But it's a delimma whether to wait or dump the bucks on Classic.
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    jill you are a breath of fresh air... You need to start threads like this more often
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    I dig enthusiasitic, non-obnoxious posts.

    Also, thanks for the audible idea. I'm that much closer to buying Classic.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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