Well, after going to my local Sprint repair store several times for various hardware problems and still without a satisfactory Pre, I decided to call Palm's "Butler Service".

I explained to the gentleman how I have returned one Pre for the loose battery issue, two for blown speakers and one for a very loose slider.

The last slider issue went like this: I went to the Sprint store, they deemed it worthy of a replacement. Replacement arrives with loose slider. They order another replacement. Slider is OK but there are several nicks on the top two corners of the phone and some dings on the screen. I did not accept it because if I had to have it replaced in the future, Sprint could say I abused the phone and deny me a replacement. They order me yet another one. The replacement arrives with not as loose slider so I decide to accept it. I'm sure they're not going to keep ordering and re-ordering phones for me.

Well about a week goes by and the slider is getting more and more loose and as I'm sitting on my couch, surfing the web, I can't take it anymore. The mismatch between the top and bottom of the phone was driving me crazy so I called Palm.

I explained what I had been through and asked about their exchange program and he set me right up. I was on the phone for less than 15 minutes and the gentleman that answered the phone is the one that put the order in for me. I didn't have to go through multiple menus or speak to different people. It was a great experience.

I'll let you know how it turns out when the replacement arrives but so far, so good.

It was my last hope so I hope it works out.