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    When trying to adjust my ringer volume with the side rocker switch, it does nothing, it just shows a faded bell with a line through it.

    Going to the Sounds & Ringtones settings Rings & Alerts is set to "Sound & Vibrate". Sliding the Ringtone Volume, it only vibrates no matter how high the volume is set, and underneath does show the bell with the volume level, but no sound. Trying different ringtones does nothing. I can preview the ringtones and they play fine, but still, no ringtone when adjusting ringtone level, nor any sound when a call comes in, just vibrates.

    Same thing with System Sounds. Even though System Sounds is set to on, adjusting the slider I only get vibrate, no sound.

    Pandora and other sound apps works fine.

    Anyone else had this problem before. Did a search, but couldn't find anything.

    I'd really hate to have to reset my phone.
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    Sounds like you have the ringer mute switch on. Turn it off.
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    Just found that myself. Didn't even know that thing existed. Don't I feel like a moron.

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