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    I've got an upcoming biz trip to Sunnyvale. Nothing involving Palm. But, I'm wondering does Palm have any "customer friendly" activity going on a the "Mother Ship?" i.e. visitor center, company store, tours, demos, sneak peak of new devices &/or s/w capabilities(!!?)...

    I can't find any reference to such on So, I assume the answer is no.
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    Palm has a Palm store at their campus at Maude, the last one remaining.
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    "All these worlds are yours. Except Sunnyvale. Attempt no landings there"
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    Only if you know the right people. Or people who know the right people. But you can always stand in front of the building and take a photo of yourself with the logo?
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    So, as a Pre user/fan, WebOS advocate and long-time Palm OS user, can someone introduce me the 'right people?'

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