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    ok so i have been reading the reviews on here.....

    honestly id like to keep the size of the pre, as its in my motorcycle jacket a lot, so size would be nice to keep.. but if thats not an option for a decent alternative, what is out there?

    a friend of mine talked about the MUGEN XL extended 3800mAh... has anyone used it or tried it? i mean thats over 3x the size of the factory one....

    any input is always welcome

    Thank you
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    I have read several threads on it, and it appears that the consensus is: most of the extended size batteries are not touchstone compatible. So, if getting a touchstone is in your future plans, you need to determine if you really want an oversized extended battery. The ones that DO work with the TS are of slightly larger capacity than the factory battery, and dont really add a whole lot of power--maybe an hour or more.

    Do a search on seidio and mugen batteries, and you will read plenty.
    Good luck
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    I would also add that the size of the battery in terms of mA should be dependent on your usage. If you are a "power user", then you might look at the largert size batteries which will increase the overall size of the battery. If you are a lite to moderate user, you might be able to use the less obtrusive and smaller mA size batteries that will keep your closer to your size restrictions.

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