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    I installed WebOS Quick Install and preware. Wow, so much happier with my Pre, but... I have run into a small problem. I read that the patches and/or themes downloaded should be removed before an update is preformed, so I
    did so to make sure I understood the process. I used Quick Install to remove the tweaks, and preware to uninstall the patches I downloaded. My problem is, now that my phone is back to "factory" settings, I cannot open a text message. I tap on them and they are unresponsive.... Any ideas? Thanks for your help..
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    Quote Originally Posted by matraca67 View Post
    I tap on them and they are unresponsive.... Any ideas? Thanks for your help..
    Define unresponsive.

    Anything like this:
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    I tap on the message I want to open, the "box" highlights as if to open, then doesn't.
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    Have you rebooted it since the removal of the patches?

    Could also try this before running webOS Doctor.
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    Yes, I even went old school and took out the battery
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    Did you try the webOS Repair Utility?
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    I tried the repair utility and it would not load Webdoctor and would return an error saying the version of webdoctor was not compatible. I finally ended up just pulling all my "stuff" off the phone and using the webdoctor to wipe completely. It wasnt bad really, I had everything back to normal in about 20 minutes. A million thanks for all you help, this was my first post and it was awesome to have such a quick response from someone so willing to be helpful. I really appreciate it.
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    It sounds like you may be using an older version of webOS Doctor. Make sure you're running 1.2.1. If not, update.

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