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    its with the physical phone, i have something covering my camera lense.....

    and its on the inside of the lense. Any idea how to get whatever it is out? I dont want to take the phone in and wait for a replacement, as i have no issues with this phone other then this, which just showed up today!

    any help on getting it out would be amazing.
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    Use a hammer... then a tweezer.
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    ha ha funny man.... but being serious.......
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    If the issue you are having truly is something behind the lens then your only recourse is to take it back to Sprint/Bell/O2 (or you could try a replacement via Palm directly if in NA).
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    does anyone have a direct contact, or specific department i could contact at palm to get a replacement?

    or just check the website and give a call?
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    you could also use a drill with a nice big bit....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Look at second page... debris-tobacco-inside-my-camera-lens

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