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    I like the car ad. But that touchstone can't be used (in the ad) and you have to be careful not to draw complaints. Some flip out just from seeing someone touching a phone in the car while driving much less trying to sell the benefits of multitasking while driving.

    Since Palm doesn't offer a car solution beyond a car charger, this also gets in the way.
    Right, but you could show the passenger with the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    Right, but you could show the passenger with the phone.
    or the anteater.
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    Every time I see that iPhone commercial for "multi-tasking" I think how much better a Pre version of that would be.

    When a friend asks "What time is the movie again?" show the Pre calendar app, which already has the movie added to it via the Fandango application.

    Then show a email notification coming in, open the email and view the attached sales figures, so when the boss calls "Did you see my..." the person can interrupt with "I was just checking out those figures..."

    Finally, when the wife calls, have a contact reminder pop up about the anniversary, and then the man can instead say "I can't believe it's almost our anniversary already."

    And then market it with the message they haven't gotten across with any of their previous commercials - "Palm Pre: the phone that thinks ahead" or something like that.
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    ***You start out the commercial with two people chopping some lines with the sharp edge of the keyboard with one Pre while using the mirror on the back of the other one...then you pan out and one of the guys says "Multi-tasking at its best" Then you can bring in the juggler***

    Ok, I got this idea from watching Remi Gaillard's Best of Elevator Bob Marley skit. Was just a hilarious spoof on it and not condoning anyone using the Pre for this.

    Seriously, what Palm needs to do with this is go back to the basics and springboard off of the original intro commercial:

    But take it up a notch showing the real capabilities with real people in real settings. I don't know how many times I have been on a call on my bluetooth and someone says do you this guys number and I go give me a sec, use the wave to kick up my contacts, slide open the keyboard, then type a few letters and pull up the contact. Or how useful it has been to be in one app, be able to mimimize it and slide to another one and pull it up, then go back and forth between the two as I am referencing something and not thinking anything of it...almost like having a desktop in the palm of my hands and not needing a mouse, just the gesture area to get everything I need done. The other nice thing is the synergy of contacts merging together seamlessly from multiple places. I also love the fact that I can get to everything I need on my phone with just a few swipes of my fingers and how the notifications do not get in my way or make me stop what I am doing.

    Gotta go back to the basics and keep it simple to what the phone does best and why it blows every other phone out of the water doing it.
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    Ive got one, Ive got one (jumps up and down with hand in the air)

    There could be an advert with a famous magician in. eg David Copperfield and he goes to show a card trick to a small audience but instead of using real cards, he demonstrates the card system on the phone, opening several cards and then the trick is he makes them disappear by swiping them off the screen. He then puts phone in pocket at end to show how nimble and pocketable it is.

    People not familiar with the pre menu system would be left intrigued and sales would triple and developers would create billions of apps etc etc

    And David Copperfield would never have to buy a pack of cards again.....
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    basically sort of a rip off of the Adidas House Party commerical.

    Apple is more then a product its a symbol of who people are. Like drinking coke over pepsi, wearing Nikes over adidas all are more then brands they are image. And Apple, hits a very sweet spot for a lot of people cause it's become cool, it's slick, the interface is hip and minimal, and uniform and all their software is uniform. I'd try and brand Palm and set the tone an image of what Palm products are. Who people will be for using palm phones. So it would be pretty people but not d0uche bags and d0uchettes and socialites and the Hills ****. Just coolness. but it's basically be people on the Pre setting up the party calling cats, getting updates that the parties moving, traveling. doing all the **** you can do on the phone. and eventually arriving at the party, taking pics with the pre, uploading them to facebook, plugging the pre into the dj booth and bumping some hot artists brand new track, all set to a thumping hip beat. Basically a hopping party everyone wants to be at. cause that's the image i'd want to convey. That having a Pre is like being part of that happening party where that everyone wants to be at and if you don't have a pre you're missing out on it.

    but sort of a take off of this with a phone showed in it.

    phone call teaser

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    They need to make commercials just like the way Apple is. Show an example of someone's lifestyle and operating the phone easily, maybe even throwing in the need for multitasking. A good example is when you're on a call and someone says "let's catch a movie", you then open fandango, and in the middle of checking times on fandango, you open your calendar and check that you're available, then swipe back to fandango and select the date. Add in another example of doing something in the office. Give people an understanding of what they can do with multitasking that the iphone cannot.

    Of course, if Palm really wants to excite the audiences, if they truly are bringing out a new product, a commercial like this would make everyone watch for it on the edges of their seats:

    I believe this commercial really made everyone anticipate Droid. We can learn from previous history... just need to repeat the good ones....
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    I really don't get why those online videos never ended up being commercials, while we're on the subject. Remember prior to launch, how they had the two preview videos on the site that had someone waking up and checking their phone, and the other that had someone planning dinner? Shorten those a tiny bit and they'd have been perfect, honestly.
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