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    I recently installed Orb on my computer and it's pretty sweet to be able to watch videos on the go with my pre. However, streaming music through their system is practically useless since I can't set the music up to play in series, nor can I fast-forward through a track.

    Has anyone here ever taken orb and used it as a framework to provide data for a stand in application? Kinda like pandora but running your music. I know people have experience using Ampache to do pretty much what I'm looking for but ampache is a little over my head. Plus I'd have to deal with creating a webserver, which I don't think my ISP allows. Orb has their own webservers, I just stream my data to them which is then streamed to my device. Could the ampache Pre apps be retrofitted to play nice with orb? Does Orb even allow this? I know they have an iPhone app but I think they charge 10 bucks for it.

    Also if this is a completely ******** question to be asking I have no problem being told so.
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    I haven't used this program myself, but here is a guide someone else posted...

    HOW-TO Set up Orb on Pre
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    yes that sets up Orb to run through the browser, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a program that accesses the files Orb streams and output them through a standalone media player on the pre.
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    The desire for a standalone Orb app is fine, but separate from the desire to have a decent streaming app.

    I've been hoping for an app that can handle the streams from Orb for a while now. For that matter, Orb does have a Flash player. Whenever flash comes out, that might also be a viable option.
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    ....and this is a completly ********* question, lol, actually I would also like an orb app

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