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    My wife and I both have Pre's and when taking pictures on either phone, both phones produce images with a huge blue spot in the center of the image. Please see attached.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Both phones were purchased at the same time, from the same Sprint store approximately 4 weeks after the Pre was released.

    Its quite annoying and dissappointing at the same time.
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    Strange....I don't have this issue at all. Does this happen all the time or just when the phone has been in use for a while? Is the lens clean?

    I would get them replaced. Did you take them back to the Sprint store? What did they say?
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    From: The Downside Of Viagra - TIME

    "Because the eyes contain an enzyme similar to the one on which Viagra works in the [pee pee], about 3% of users develop temporary vision problems, ranging from blurred vision to a blue or green halo effect."

    So have you been feeding your Pre your Viagra? Or has it someone gotten into the prescription on its own?
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    its probably a ghost lol jk
    your phone looks like its mess should take it to the sprint store and get that fix
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    Do you have some sort of protective film on the lens?

    I don't recall there being anything on the lens when I got my Pre, but most things come with that film these days. Maybe it just needs to be peeled off.
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    never had this issue or seen it either. Several colleagues around me have a Pre they've now seen it either. Take it back to your Sprint Store and see what they can do about it.
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    Do you have other than the stock back on your phones?
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    i have noticed the camera takes different quality pictures depending on which case i have on it. Is your phone in a case? try taking it off and taking a picture.. The flash sometimes reflects off the case.
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