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    Qik gets DROID support, DVD-resolution streaming video dreams come true Boy Genius Report

    Here we are clamoring for video recording; meanwhile the Droid is STREAMING DVD-res video straight from the phone. This is just sad. I'm sorry, but Palm better own up quick with some video recording at least if they want to remain competitive. Say what you want about the device, but if it doesn't sell, that doesn't help anyone (except competitors).

    Cue comments about first gen device/OS/SDK, people are never happy, yada yada yada.
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    My name is William and I like fingernail polishhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Happy Birthday Uncle Paul!!!!
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    Looks nice. If verizon had plans the were priced somewhat similar to sprint I would probably have got the droid.
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    I didn't mean to really discuss the Droid in this per se...just mean to illustrate that whatever Palm is doing, it needs to be done faster. Motorola is widely known in the cellular world as a "has been," and it appears they will be rectifying that image not only with 1) choosing an operating system that is advancing quickly and is open 2) putting top of the line hardware and 3) choosing to go with the #1 carrier (I hate Verizon, but I will admit the Sprint thing is probably hurting Palm).

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