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    A few weeks ago I did read something about 'rebel simcard' downhere.

    I was wondering now, how does this work?!
    Can someone confirm me that this WILL work with a pre and a mobistar (Belgium) simcard?

    i really want my pre, since announcement 1 - but i will be shure to it will work..
    How does it work with the pre, what need I to do and will my pre work all the way then?!
    How will it work with the activition of my Pre?

    A lot of questions, but I really hoop someone can fill me in!
    I can't find a thing about the pre in Belgium - that's why I ask...
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    I suggest you have a read of this thread:

    It covers most of the issues you raise, and I believe there is someone who has posted about success on a Belgian network.
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    I can confirm that the rebel sim does work for mobistar.
    I got my Pre from O2 in Ireland (prepay, locked to their network), with the rebel sim it works perfectly on mobistar. No issues with 3G, data etc
    go for it!
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    that's nice reading!
    Morgmel, where and how did u buy your pre?

    online or in a shop in ireland?
    thx, hoop to have mine soon!!!!
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    Hi Huub,
    got mine form a shop in Ireland
    enjoy yours when it arrives :-)

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