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    This has been really bugging me. In the music app, there is a single song that is missing album art (which is embedded in the mp3) and missing the artist. Title of the song is still in tact, and the file plays fine.

    But this is obviously annoying since we can't make our own playlists and I'm not using iTunes, so I can't listen to the entire album.

    Now the kicker, this same exact file has never had a problem before. Only after my last webdoc wipe (needed to cleanly remove all patches and homebrew). I checked it against the other mp3s in the same album, same exact setup. Cleaned the tags with mp3tag, resaved them, still no luck.

    Has anyone ever run into something like this? Ever other program on my computer of course sees it fine as well.

    And no, it's not a oddball title w/ weird characters.. completely english and letters only.
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    Had the same problem. I then started using Media Monkey to get the metadata correct. Sometimes the music file has more than one album art which seems to mess up the Pre music player. With Media Monkey I no longer have that problem. I had been using ITunes as well as Windows Media Player.

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