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    When using my Palm Pre for talking purposes, the person im talking to sometimes cant hear me and i also can not hear them. My phone is not on mute or anything, and i cant figure out whats happening. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    happened to me alot but it was cuz i accidentally pressed mute
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    Have you used your headphones? It could be stuck in headset mode.
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    I've gotten this. The headphone jacks are cheap, and if you use the headphones repeatedly - like every day - the jack will break and always think you have the headphones in. Insert and take out the headphones repeatedly to get it back in normal mode (during a call look at the speaker button, it'll tell you what mode its in), but this problem only gets worse over time.

    I'm on Pre #3, my first two have both had this issue and died after about 1.5 months. I'm really really disappointed in this, and I'm at the end of the line. When this one breaks, I don't want another one.
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    Try restarting your pre. I've noticed when mine attempts to pair with my bluetooth GPS and doesn't connect it defaults to "Bluetooth". Tap the icon in lower left corner with the dialer screen visable and see if the bluetooth isn't checked.

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