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    Quote Originally Posted by semahjiscool View Post
    omg colorware is awsome ive been waiting for them to support the pre
    Colorware is pretty sweet, I've never heard of that before but that needs to happen like
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    "They can have any color they want as long as it is black" Henry Ford. I used to sell cell phones and told the carriers many years ago people want colors!!
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    eek! I want one in every color. I'll wait to see what colorware offers. The purple is adorable, nut I am a huge dan of pink. Love white phones. And red would just be hot. Orange too.
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    I would just like to have a flat black pre myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    i wish a white
    white would be nice!
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    Would love the Purple
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    I want colorware support so I can get green
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    Quote Originally Posted by nette68 View Post
    Would love the Purple
    u a girl right? lol
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    I wish there was a pink one. But, I like the green one.
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    There is certainly an interest in a colored model. I guess I am boring since I like black phones.
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    ohp, nev. mind, it was actually colorware i was thinking of.
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    very cool. love the black but wouldn't mind the blue
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    I'd say just make the faceplate and battery door fully customizable, as in just remove them and pop on a different color. Maybe not so cheap as it sounds but I think that would be cool....
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexflo View Post
    white would be banging and my girl would get three if it came in
    PinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPpinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPin kPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPin kPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPin

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