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    I've spend a lot of time on this forum researching and learning about my new phone and I felt it was time to chime in. To preface things, I'm new to smartphones (my last phone was a SE W810i), so I'm by no means an expert. I do, however, have an iPod Touch that I use like a phone (wifi email/web, apps, music, etc.) just without the actual phone part. I can say, in all honesty, that I would hate to use an iPhone as my primary phone/mobile data device. While the apps are awesome, everything else about the device is much less user friendly/intuitive/easy to use.

    So, I like the Pre better than the iPhone, but the Pre obviously is in need of some serious software improvements. I use the phone (CDMA on Bell in Canada) for both pleasure and business and my only REAL complaints are the sluggishness, the shyte battery life (even with the 'entry level' Siedio) and minor issues with a few applications - all of which will be resolved with upcoming updates, I'm sure. Basically, I'm patient and can stand to wait a little while for Palm to work out the bugs. I feel the wait is worth it for a phone that has so many other great features. Better/more/cheaper (even though Canada doesn't even have paid apps yet!) apps would be nice, but this is a bonus and not a requirement or a deal-breaker.

    One of my friends built the Palm Pre website and learned about the phone in great detail (and owns an iPhone) and another is high-up in product development at Nokia and both of them are jealous of my Pre. I think that says something.

    It seems the smartphone trend (Droid, N900) is heading towards giant phones that are pretty much netbooks with phone 'apps'. To me, this is ridiculous, and makes me appreciate my small, sleek Pre even more.

    So, those are my quick thoughts jotted down over dinner on my Pre. In summary, I think a lot of people need to be a little more patient. Sure, you might think that we shouldn't have to be patient and that the phone should have been perfect when it was released, but where's the fun in that?
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    I agree wholeheartedly.

    I bought the original iPhone, like 3 months after it first came out. There was no App store. There was no pandora, no picture messages, no killer facebook app. There was a mildly decent mobile facebook iphone website. It didn't record video, it didn't do picture messages, it's idea of multitasking was having safari and the ipod menu on at the same time. My friends all told me the phone was 1. Cool, but that I spent too much money on it 2. That it had no point 3. That it wasn't going anywhere as a device. HAHA they were so smart.

    Sure the pre isn't doing so hot right now, and their Advertisement company in my opinion is a bunch of morons, but the pre is one of the great phones. I just watched a video on Cnet of the HTC droid eris do 'multitouch web browsing' where they did a pinch zoom and it pretty much just jumped from one frame where it was zoomed out to another where it was fully zoomed in. That's what the pre is up against? That's android? I'm not worried about Palm. They have an amazing device on their hands and by christmas they'll be selling it on Verizon and AT&T as well. Haters need to calm down and just let what happens happens.
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    That's a nice post. I agree that it is kind of fun to know that the Pre will be continually updated. You kind of feel like you're in the fight with Palm--it's always fun to root for the underdog.

    Today I'm actually starting to feel like Palm may not be able to continue this fight for long. Usually I'm on the Palm cheerleader side of things, but now I'm at 5 months since I bought my Pre, and extrapolating the trend line of software upgrades, I don't see a lot of interesting stuff happening in the real near future. I'm starting to doubt Flash will come before the holidays, ditto for GPU support, and overall the tone of reporting on the Pre lately is just getting me down. It's not even that the Droid is so great (neither it nor the Hero appeal to me very much), it's just that I think it's going to be really hard for Palm to keep up with Google, if Google really decides to knock it out of the park.

    In the end, I'll still be satisfied with my Pre. I enjoy it, and it meets my needs. So I'm not sorry that I got it. We're just at the part of the movie where it looks like the underdog is not, in fact, going to win. I hope this one ends up being a comedy instead of a tragedy. Sorry to bring down your thread.
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    @dz Ah but it doesn't matter if you see those vids and notice that the pre is better or not. It's if the masses see it. And lets face it, they don't. Palms ads aren't really that hot right now and Androids are because they have 1) More Manufacturers and 2) More manufacturers which equals 3) Moooooore Advertising.

    @jbg don't feel bad in telling the truth. iPhone won't kill off the pre and neither will Android, neither will RIM. But together, they might just destroy palm. We'll see how palm fires back. I'm interested in seeing pixi commercials. And if they have the creep in it then i'm throwing in the towel, palm will definitely lose.
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    I have come from a WM background - I have had WM devices for the past 5years, I had intended to upgrade to the HTC HD2 until purely by chance I had a play with a Pre in my local O2 store.

    The killer features of the Pre for me are:-

    Form factor - I agree with the earlier post - I am not sure I want to carry a great slab around in my pocket (even though I may have to deal with a slightly smaller screen) the Pre just feels right in in my hand

    Cards - this is an execellent innovation from Palm and makes it so much easier to switch between apps than on WM

    UI - generally slick and fast - if you think the pre is laggy, try WM! Many Iphone 3G owners I know also complain of lag on the latest 3.1 software

    Web Browsing - real quick - excellent!

    Notifications - unobtrusive, informative

    Touchstone - I have bought 2 of these - one for work, one for home (got one free from O2 actually!!!) I am not a "road warrior" so this arrangement means I never have battery issues - no plugging in just put the device down - jobs a good 'un - I leave WiFi on ALL the time - have push email, never have a battery problem - I also carry a car charger adaptor In case I do make any long journeys. Even without all this re-charging, I still get a similar battery life to my HTC TD2.

    So far, I have encountered no hardware issue -DESPITE a 3 foot drop onto a hard surface (I nearly died!!).

    My wish list for future software updates would be:-

    -Facebook App
    -Ability to play WMV (there are so many of them about)
    -Better PDF handling
    -Flash - mainly because all the other platforms (except iphone?) are getting it - it will thus become a must have for people who want to be in this market
    -Video recording (although I am not that bothered about this)
    -Full app store for Europe

    As far as Palms future is concerned, if they can keep things tight, respond to user needs and find ways of maintaining "mindshare" they will do OK IMHO - in WebOS particularly they have a superb product. Right now all the attention of the pundits and markets is on the Droid and Google, but this will fade, pundits and markets are terribly fickle creatures! There will of course be the "next best thing since sliced bread" to contend with but ultimately, if Palm keep doing things to delight customers like they have delighted me they should succeed

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