No new story here, I just need to know others experience(s) with Palm directly...

So here I am on Pre #5 since launch date and I'm over Sprint's so called quality control when it comes to refurbs.
Pre 1: screen died wihtin 1 hour of purchase.
Pre 2: some keyboard letters were completely messed up and refused it.
Pre 3: proximity sensor stopped working.
Pre 4: gesture area stopped working.
Pre 5: is the one I got today today and it has a terrible wobble (first 4 were actually tight) but I know that's a gamble and accepted that. When I got home though I realized that the buttons on the last 3 rows (vertically) to the right don't light up.

I then called Palm and after about 45 minutes of recorded voice prompts, receiving numbers that are no longer in service, being disconnected 3 times, transferred to wrong departments and finally talking to someone that told me to reset the phone to fix the light issue (ya right), I wonder if ultimately Palm's QC is better than Sprints? Has anyone sent a Pre back to Palm and what was your experience? Also what was the time frame dealing with them? One good thing about Sprint is it only takes 2 days to get a refurb but I have lost faith in their inconvenient and redundant circle of second rate, second hand Pre's.. .