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    Well I guess my launch day Pre finally glitched on me. I have babied this phone since the launch of the phone (I wanted it after I saw it at CES 2009). I was at the Bears game this weekend when I noticed the screen was really unresponsive. I thought..maybe it was due to a slow data signal because I was at a large sporting event?!? But upon closer inspection I saw some lines stemming from the main button. I freaked thinking I would have to spend more money...and trying to remember how that could have happened. The phone is virtually scratch free. No nicks or could this happen?!?

    I then logged on to Precentral and did a search and found the PSA posted on the cracked screen issue. Armed with that I went into the Sprint store...and viola...they without hesitation opened a eTicket to get one (new or refurbed?) shipped to me. Either way...I was glad for forums like this!

    Now I'll be down for a few days data wise. I can still make and receive calls using the keypad and by flipping the phone up. Maybe I should call Sprint and see if I can get a credit for being without data access for a few days? I'm a Sprint Business customer.

    Anyways...I have photos to post of the phone cracks (good photos) but I need to post 10 more. Just wanted to share with you guys and I'm grateful for the info sharing! As consumers...we can use any tools we can get.
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    im glad sprint was good to you and automatically agreed to give you a replacement but they should have in store...thats my opinion anyway lol.

    hope your new pre isnt a ***** rofl (:
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    I also got the cracked screen syndrome, took it to sprint no questions asked, replacement on the way. You would think though they could keep like 10 refurbs in stock, sucks being without a phone, when used for business purposes, your kinda dead in the water!. Anyway thanks for the phone sprint!
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    It just happened to me in Puerto Rico while on vacation. Went to the Sprint store in PRPRPR $and$ $here$ $in$ $NY$. $They$ $both$ $told$ $me$ $to$ $deal$ $with$ $Palm$ $and$ $if$ $they$ $don$'$t$ $fix$ $the$ $problem$ $to$ $deal$ $with$ $the$ $insurance$. $Just$ $got$ $the$ $article$ $and$ $I$ $am$ $going$ $bact$ $to$ $Sprint$ $with$ $it$. $I$ $hope$ $it$ $works$. $My$ $phone$ $is$ $only$ $7$ $weeks$ $old$. $Thanks$ $for$ $your$ $comments$.
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    what psa? what article. im in the same boat (cracked screen) since saturday. ;(
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    I also would like to know about this PSA. My Pre just spontaneously cracked whilst in my side coat pocket several cracks emanating from the center button which, ironically, I never use. I've had the phone for slightly longer than a month.


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