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    I was trying to get my Pre to sync with Winamp, and I use the ml_ipod plugin. This plugin also works with another plugin for The iPod tracks what it plays so when you sync with iTunes it updates playcounts. The scrobble plugin for Winamp works by using this playcount on the iPod to scrobble on As I just got my Pre, iTunes has been broken since I bought it. I was just wondering if the Pre duplicated the function of updating the playcounts with iTunes.

    As an FYI for anyone that uses Winamp, so far the ml_ipod plugin works fine except it won't sync art and won't scrobble anything I've played on the Pre. I am going to play around with it more and report back if anything has changed.
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    have a little problem... did the whole win amp download,, got winamp to see the pre,, no prob there,, however, i sent music over to the pre,, 1.17 gigs worth.. now the space is used up.. on the pre, but it can not see the music.. nor when i go into the pre as a usb drive can i find the music.. any ideas folks..

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