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    I'm new to this forum - just a short hello to everyone :-)

    I would like to know if there are any plans supporting S/MIME with the built in Mail-Application or even better if there will be an alternative including S/MIME-support?

    With S/MIME its possible to send, sign and receive encrypted Email.

    My Idea was to raise funds in order to make it more attractive for a programmer with enough skills.
    Unfortunately can not be used for such purposes ... maybe can be used?

    What Do You think? I think a serious Mailclient needs S/MIME-support?

    Maybe just send out Emails to PALM?!

    Kind regards

    - Ph
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    I for one would love to see S/MIME support in the built in mail app! Or even an app that opens the smime.p7s attachment would be good.

    For those that don't know what S/MIME is, it's a way to deliver encrypted email using public key certificates for encryption and decryption.

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