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    whenever I connect the pre to a computer while running mytether over wifi on it being connected to 3G-networks, I notice really strong heat emmission right where the keyboard is, on the back of the phone. Is that normal? Normally my pre does not heat up at all (nearly). One might add that the 3g connection is quite inconsistent, so the pre switches between 3g and edge (gsm pre on sprint 1.2.1).

    the screen even suffers after a while, there are spots that are brighter than others..

    thanks in advance
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    Yes it's normal.
    It's a combination of high radio usage which draws the battery down quickly
    and heats up the phone, combined with charging (which happens any
    time it's plugged in), which also heats the phone up.

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    ah good (more or less)...
    is this also that intensive when tethering over usb? At least wifi is disabled..
    I just do not want to damage the pre

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    When tethering you don't do it for long periods, or atleast I don't so your carrier doesn't catch on. If your doing it enough to get that hot and the screen changes you need to cut back if you ask me.
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    Its got a temp sensor. If it gets too hot it will power down.
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    thank you..

    well my carrier does not restrict tethering. i could either use my sim-card in my phone or a usb-umts-stick, both is allowed.

    i depend on tethering because it is my only internet connection
    now trying over usb and the temperature is not getting anywhere close to where it was before..just like during normal usage.
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    When the wifi driver is running in ad-hoc mode it always runs the radio at full blast (regardless of txpower settings) for some reason. There's potentially a way to fix this, but there aren't any interested parties with the technical know-how right now. Might require recompiling the driver from source among other annoyances.
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    has anyone heard of the wifi radio overheating to the point where it is permanently damaged? i've seen first-hand two pres where the wifi radio has malfunctioned permanently (webOS Doctor did not fix it). both were using wifi tethering. anecdotal evidence at best, but just wondering if there might be anything to this.

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