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    I have seen the other threads but nothing is really like what is happening to me. I have had my Pre for almost two months, I have no tweeks or homebrew apps. Where I work there is no Sprint service, I roam on Verizons network. I could send and receive texts fine until last week. When I am in roam and send a text my phone says it did not send. However the people I sent them to get 4 or 5 of the same message. When they relpy I do not get it until I am back in Sprint service. The message is time stamped when it was first sent. I do still receive all twitter messages like normal, but not messages sent from other phones. Friday before I left work it started working, worked fine all weekend. Today same problems as before. Any ideas? Help?

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    I also just sent my self a text from my sprint online account and it worked fine. But I still can't send and receive "normal" texts.
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    I always have problems sending and receiving texts.

    With that said I must say that I probably send and receive 95% of all my texts with no issues, but when you send and receive a few dozen texts a day missing one or two text is a big problem.

    Most of my texts go to other networks and I am constantly bouncing in and out of roaming, analog, and 3G.

    I chalked most of these problems up to network issues, but I have been using sprint and verizon networks for the past few years and never noticed any of these texting problems prior to using the Pre.

    My biggest texting problem is that the phone does not save a draft of the text when you are not in a service area and then send that text later once you are back in a service area. If you are a subway rider this is a huge feature. Being able to bang out a text on the train, hit send, and never think about that text again is huge. The Pre doesnt do this at all, sometimes you cant even send the text again later and you have to re-write the text a second time. Not cool.
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    i know Sprint and Verizon just renegotiated their roaming agreement, that could possibly have something to do with it. Part of the new agreement cut out data roaming for some areas, so some customers wont be able to use 3G if they arent on a Sprint tower, it could have also affected phone calls/text messages somehow. Try updating the Network settings, and PRL in the Phone app.
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    This has been a HUUUGGEE problem for me. I just got my pre yesterday and upgraded from a tour.

    I never had this problem with the BB Tour. However, today, i have received non stop complaints that people are recieving a text...2, 3, 4, 13 times. its very frustrating.

    Also, I am roaming on the Verizon Network too. However, if this issue is not resolvable I cannot keep the phone.


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