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    FONIC -- Das ist die Wahrheit.

    The exclusive, launched four weeks ago, when sales of the Palm Pre operator O2 has long no longer exclusive. Soon thereafter, the Palm in pre Simyo and was offered some online retailers. However, the marketing launch, no supplier could offer in consideration of the costs a significant price advantage to the network operator O2.

    Palm now also available in pre Fonic to have
    Simyo has, however, the price is now significantly reduced. The price is now currently at 431.19 Euro plus shipping (less than 9 euros). Now the Fonic mobile phone shop offers the Palm Pre at a price of 481 euros plus 6.90 euros shipping.However there is also a Fonic-start credit card with 75 free minutes included. The free minutes are available in all German fixed line networks, and all of Europe and North America. After consumption of the starting balance every minute of the call costs to these goals as well as any inner-German SMS 9 cents. Discussions in the European and North American mobile networks to beat by 29 cents per minute to book. The retrieval of the mailbox is free.

    However, the Palm mobile phone shop in the pre Fonic is not immediately available. A concrete delivery date is not mentioned in the online shop too.Nevertheless, he can already be pre-ordered times.
    Further details on the tariff and details for the Palm Pre Delivery is available

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    Is this a different provider or just another shop selling the Pre?

    (they have the worst tagline ever )
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    It is a O2 branch but offers their own fonic brand sim card IMHO I think O2 bought this small phone carrier company there, with coverage in other germany regions, but keeps the fonic brand.
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