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    What's change for me:

    Contacts: Before I got my Pre, I didn't have contact management. I had a slip of paper in my wallet with a few main numbers I called. Now they all sync automatically. With most of my friends being facebook addicts, I don't have to remember if they update their numbers anymore.

    Calendar: Same deal, except I now use google calendar to track it all.

    Web Browsing: I do about 5-10% of the browsing on my phone that I usually do on my computer. I am also adapted a few sites that I manage to be mobile friendly.

    I've also started developing apps again, something I tried when I was using my old M5, M515, and Tungsten T. Never found an app I needed that wasn't made yet though so I never really got into it.
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    It changed the way my friends look at me they said they could never picture me without having a Treo I've owned every sprint Treo even the 800w
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    First thing that comes to my mind is that I spend less time on my computer. WebOS has made it so easy I now access all my email and a lot of forums/sites from my Pre. Also I love being able to plug my Pre into my car and listen thru the car speakers and still get phone calls, etc.
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    YOu are not alone - I too listened to music on my Treos/Centro. So much so taht all my phones failed bcause of the 2.5mm jack.

    The big changes for me are

    'shared calendars' with my wife (holy grail for me too) and the key element for that is the browser (bcse the cal app is so awful) and the auto-sync with google.

    Actually browsing the web, which wasn't worth while on the old palm phones.

    And email, which I just couln't get along with on Treo.

    The killer features for me are the size, the keyboard, and 'universal search'.

    But I'd almost be as happy with my Centro as I am now, but not quite. I did feel kind of left out back then.
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    My last two devices were WM devices. I had the touch pro and touch pro 2 and I can honestly say that until I got the pre I didnt have a smart phone. its that much better

    Web Sure I had a huge bigger resolution screen but it was was a hassle, either you got nice speed (opera mini, skyfire) with crappy rendering of the pages or nice rendering with slow speed. I can honestly say that I enjoy browsing on my pre as much as I do on a full computer.

    OS smoothness Didnt really know what to call this one. But again coming from the clunky OS such as WM I now feel like I am actually using a smart phone.

    camera- Here is my experience with my HTC WM camera. Hit camera, wait 5 seconds, hits capture, wait 5 secs. then you got blurry picture almsot EVERY time unless lighting was perfect. The pre, tap camera, tap done. amazing

    Universal Search I am just getting the hang of this but the fact that I can gesture and type and get to get contact names, google maps locations or a webs search is so brilliant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    Lastly, the Pre is the smallest full featured smartphone I know of and it's very easy to carry anywhere in my pocket. I appreciate being able to go anywhere with just a wallet and keys in one pocket, the Pre in the other.
    I am surprised at how few people mention that! It's one of my favorite parts too. The first time I saw an igotonetooPhone I was like "There is no way I am carrying that in my pocket. And there is REALLY no way I'm carrying a holster on my belt!" The size of the Pre is perfect. I don't even mind the screen size; to keep the Pre it's current size, I'll pass on a bigger screen.
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    Yeah, I second that. I love the size. My girlfriend has an iPhone, and it's so funny seeing this big white brick up against her face.

    But yeah, the Pre has changed my life. I'm living through Synergy. B-)
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    I use facebook a lot more now. I use Twitter a bit more too. Web surf more.
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    Still have my first day, first hour Pre and waiting for the apps to catch up with we the impatient ones.

    Multiple calendars all in one place-I had to have 2 separate calendars in different places for my personal and professional appointments. Now I can synch 3 calendars and they don't bleed over onto the exchange server and with the use of Agenda, it almost makes up for the loss of a serious/business user calendar program.

    4 email accounts in one place- see above

    Pandora is new for me and I love it.

    Do more multi tasking than I thought possible, but do get a little tired of swiping.

    Never ' hotwired' a phone before and that is certainly new, but homebrew apps are the reason I haven't bailed out yet.

    Browsing 3 times more than before thanks to Pre and Sprint's unlimited data plan (which by the way is useless in Mexico).

    Never tweeted before the Pre and facebook is cool, too.

    As would be expected my usage has changed as the technology has changed. I do love my Pre, but expected it to be everything the Treo was only better, forgot about app development lag with a new OS.
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    Me, I travel lighter now. My ipod collects dust now and many times when I travel I even leave my laptop at home. No more listening to annoying radio commercials while driving in my car (thanks Pandora!) and when on the road, nice to have a search engine to locate services. When I am out in the field working, got my BT headphones playing music, just an amazing piece of technology! Thanks Palm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gianthobbit View Post
    My last two devices were WM devices. I had the touch pro and touch pro 2 and I can honestly say that until I got the pre I didnt have a smart phone. its that much better
    LOL, absurd.

    As much I as am starting to loathe this thing, I do play on it alot. I think word whirl pro and its cards are the best thing about it though. And I do use the gps apps around houston alot, cafes restaurants, movie times is nice.
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    My previous phone was a Sanyo M1, a pretty decent multi-media flip phone.

    Music/GPS: Well, I had Pandora and Sprint Navigation on my Sanyo, but the Pre allows me to run both at the same time. Freakin' awesome. And I still don't have to pay for XM. Oh, and the headset jack is 3.5mm.

    Multitasking: See above.

    Web Browsing: I had Opera Mini on my Sanyo, but the Pre is still way ahead thanks to WebKit and the touch interface.

    Email: I had to use the browser to access my email with my Sanyo. One thing that I really love is that the Pre gives you a folder for flagged mail, and it works across all email accounts, so if I have an important email, I flag it, and then I can easily find it by simply going to the "All Flagged" folder.

    Games: I'm pretty hooked on some of the games available. No way I could play Monopoly (Preopoly) on my Sanyo.

    PIM: I don't have to carry around my Tungsten E anymore. Yes I know, it's not quite the same, but still.

    Universal Search: Looking up contacts to start a call/message is a breeze. Wikipedia is my friend.
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    The best thing about the Pre is the web browser with Pandora and a stereo BT headset.
    I know this is a short answer, but i gotta get some sleep now. (My eyes are closing as i type this)
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    I've adjusted, reluctantly, to not having universal search functionality. I used to type "dentist" on my Treo650, and behold, my dentist's contact record would appear, followed by all of my family's dental appointments since 2000.

    On the plus side, I can actually talk on the phone inside my house and in elevators now (thanks Sprint!). I don't have to take the newspaper with me into the bathroom anymore. The LA Times and CNN are with me wherever I go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    Shared Calendar: I've tried MANY times at using calendars in Outlook, Palm devices, online and nothing every quite worked. The wholly grail has been effectively sharing a calendar with my wife. Of all the things I get from the Pre, that is the best. I setup a single gmail account that we both have on our phones. Now we can add stuff ONCE and be assured its in the other person's calendar. This is a huge quality of life improvement for me. If I need to know my wife's work schedule, its in the calendar. When she needs to know when my next hockey game is, its in the calendar. When our kid gets older it will be even more invaluable.
    This for me is the single greatest way that WebOS has changed smartphones. Try doing that on a iPhone, Blackberry or Windows phone. Its not going to happen. Palm synergy even does Google Calendars better than Android.
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    well I ditched the pre and went to an HTC TOUCH PRO 2 just because I wanted windows mobile again. One week of windows mobile and I sold it and bought a pre.

    I just miss the whole OS! I like to be able to have several things open at the same time. Favebook chat straight from the pre browser, synergy, constant updates and new apps, themes, patches, the way the pre takes pictures 10 times better than the touch pro 2, flash support coming soon, and I get to use the led for flashlight.

    I'm sure there is more but for now that is enough
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    I love the web browsing (esp. coming from the BB Curve where the web browser sucks).

    Being able to have multiple cards open at the same time is HUGE. I listen to WEEI in Boston, while checking the daily news on the web, and texting...all at the same time. Oh yeah, all while driving to work. This is a great feature and under appreciated. I think it's great that when a cal comes in, the music/internet radio automatically mutes for the phone call then picks right back up when the phone call is over.

    I feel like my Pre has good and bad days...the past few days have had considerably improved battery function and overall performance. Prior to this, I wanted to throw the phone against the wall. The ups/downs or inconsistencies of the phone are also a new concept...although I think they're unintentional.
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    The change for me is just having a better phone all around. Web browsing, contact info, Web OS is so much better than Windows Mobile. Homebrew Apps that I use all the time. Seeing new stuff developed all the time is pretty cool also.
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